Friday, 3 February 2012

Take note!

Whilst rifling through various different blogs a few weeks ago, I came across my ideal notebook. Go with me on this one....
If you are a fashion fan like myself, it is definitely something you should keep in your Proenza satchel or vintage backpack, to help you remember those random fashion ideas/prices/brands.
I am talking about the 'Fashionary'. It is a fab little notebook that has pages of information on sizing, care labels, shoe/hat/bag styles, pattern cutting, international fashion weeks, the list goes on!
Having worked in the fashion industry but never actually studying it at university....I am already finding it incredibly useful! It is really meant for sketching/designing however I am using it as my general fashion jotting pad.
I made a slight mistake in thinking you can't buy it over in the UK and so ordered it from Hong Kong...however this is untrue and it is available from a store (I am yet to check out) in Old Street, London! (

Go grab yourself one, in preparation for fashion week, and get scribbling those ideas!

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