Saturday, 26 January 2013

I Dreamed a Dream....

....of Haute Couture!!

Have you been watching the live streaming of the Haute Couture SS13 shows in Paris?? I really hope so.

I have to confess (as previously stated not being a fashion pro...) that I have really only previously skimmed through the Paris Couture shows. Yes, yes, shocking I know.
This time round has been different for me for some reason. I have taken a lot more notice of each show.
I am not even a huge Chanel fan, however I was mesmerised by the show. I've always admired Karl's work but something about the slightly sinister but graceful display of genius craftsmanship, completely grabbed me (plus the distracting thought as to why Rita Ora was sat on the front row. hhhm...) Just the set alone, which the Chanel shows are renowned for, was so ethereally beautiful. I think it was the high-rise trees staring down at the twig-like models that did it for me! It was actually a very simple set (compared to previous Karl extravaganza's) however very bold and striking.

Then there is Valentino. Again not a huge fan but when it comes to Haute Couture it cannot be ignored. It stood out to me as a definitive Haute Couture collection. Every piece was extremely special and that is what you expect when it comes to these collections. Check out the exquisite detail on the dresses below. I love love love the shape of the white floor length gown and if you would ever want to be seen in a jaw dropping red dress, that has to be at the top of the list!

It was another enchanted evening when it came to Raf Simon's collection for the house of Dior. Raf continues to step up to the challenge as Galliano's predecessor and it is clear he is not a man to doubt, even when it comes to couture. This was a more modern and "Simon's simplistic" take on a Couture collection which may have its criticisms, however the essence of the classic french couturier craftsmanship was still evident throughout.

Another exciting addition to the couture fashion week was Maison Martin Margiela. They are brand new to this section of fashion and as usual they had their own take on the meaning of couture. Using previous designs as inspiration the fashion house's individuality exploded down the catwalk from the get go. Masked models took their first strides in paint stroked dresses and finished off with feminine beaded silks. Maybe not your usual couture outfits but definitely something different and worth taking note of.

Hundreds and, in most cases, thousands of hours are put into the production of these individual stunning couture outfits and there is of course a price that comes with them!! But why not I say. Ok, there is not a chance in hell that I would be able to afford a piece of couture like the ones on the catwalk but I don't judge couture for its prices. When there is this amount of detail, time and effort put into each piece, it can't be anything but extortionately expensive. The kind of women who are there at the shows are there to buy a piece of history and I believe some of these SS13 collections are providing them with that.

So there we have it. I decided to go with my first proper post of 2013 as being devoted to the beauty of the fashion world that is Haute Couture. It deserves it right? I think so. Check out the live streams of the shows and I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Getting Back My "Fashion Groove"!

Well there isn't really any point in me apologising for the lack of writing on this blog recently.
I apologised a few times at the end of 2012 and I'm not quite sure what happened...hhmm...
All I can say is, 2012 was probably one of the fastest moving years of my life!! Where did it go?!

Aaaannyway I won't bore you with excuses. I have decided to get back on with it and fire up that fashion spark again (some new clothes in the sales have definitely helped! :p).

I'm not going to go straight into a fashion focused post as I have a few decisions to make on where to start. What should my first fashion post of 2013 be about...? Paris Couture (wow!), the sales (hhmm depressing..?) or something completely random like a new brand (& Other Stories perhaps?) Well we shall see what brain comes up with I guess!

To start off though I want to get a bit of new music back on here. Ok they aren't THAT new but new to my playlist and I have a feeling they will be on repeat for quite a while. Not majorly upbeat but I think the guy has a great voice and plus the name of the band is pretty topical right now!
So here we are. I introduce, Snowmine.

and a bit of an acoustic sesh...