Wednesday, 21 March 2012


...And I will be back shortly! Had a bit of a health blip but it's over and the sun is shining!!!!
 It's time to get excited :)

Friday, 2 March 2012

Mellow Yellow - Quite Rightly!!

Today is Marie Curie Cancer Care day.

This means it is time to dig out the yellow people!
I am sporting my VERY vibrant Cos jumper at work today. It is sooooo yellow that apparently it makes up for the other people in the office who failed the challenge this morning!!

According to the majority of people at my work, they don't own a single item of yellow clothing in their wardrobe...shocking!! Ok so I can understand it doesn't suit eeeveryone, but why not give it a go! Yellow was a pretty predominant colour for last season and a more pastel tone will be seen in stores for Spring/Summer. So step away from the black and bring out the brights!

Aaaanyway enough about the clothing, what's more important is that we are wearing it for a good cause. If you haven't got your yellow on, at least donate some money to the charity and sport a little yellow daffodil.

Don't be afraid of the yellow, wear it with pride!!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

A Fond Farewell with a Warm Welcome Back!

So as you might have heard, there was a pretty huge announcement from the catwalk in Milan.
By far and away one of my favourite designers is leaving one of my favourite fashion labels.
Talk about double whammy!
The sad, although expected, news comes from Jil Sander as it was confirmed that Raf Simons is leaving. However don't join in me in my wallowing for too long, as he will be joining either Dior (most likely) or YSL. PLUS.....Jil Sander is coming back!!! Amazing news and I think incredibly wise.

I am really hoping there isn't a serious switch around in the designs of their clothing. I am sure the quality will remain but it is only in the recent few years that I have become a huge admirer of Jil Sander as a brand, and this has been down to the genius that is Raf Simons. Not only have I admired his work at Jil Sander but also his menswear collections. From selling the clothing at the Bluebird, I have witnessed his attention to detail and impeccable quality and cut of his clothing. He uses extremely clean and minimal lines when it comes to key pieces. Think back to his sell-out, over-sized, structured, silk skirts from Spring/Summer 11.
Simple but breath-taking. I can only hope he takes this quality with him onto his next venture, it makes him the stand-out designer he is today.

It is very sad to see him go, and by the incredibly rare standing ovation he received in his final show, it is clear to see this feeling is widespread. Saying this, it is also very exciting to hear the return of the woman herself. The german designer has been away from her fashion home for a while now, and I think it is a great decision that she has not been replaced with someone else and is coming back. Taken from a quote from a recent article in the Telegraph: "At the moment, there seems to be a craving for authenticity and clear visions. I am confident that this is the time for modern sophistication, for attractive, wearable fashion which is true to the new century." I really hope she comes back with a bang and sticks by her word on this.

Out with the old and in with the new, as they say. Or maybe it should be "out with old and back in with the old"...?! Ah well whatever it is, it's exciting!!!

Be kind Rewind! (NYFW Part Two)

Apologies for being so behind recently!!
I have got so far behind that I am going to have to cut down my posts so that I can fit everything in!
I was going to do a complete breakdown of every fashion week (and I will do a small analysis) but I definitely can't go into major detail. You actually may be relieved with this as I potentially might have bored you...

Sooooo I am going to rewind back to NYFW. Although I would love to waffle on about the Wang's patent leather coolness, Browne's gothic genius-ness (yes I'm making up words here), and Schouler's classic edgy-ness...I really want to focus on one of my favourite brands and another one that really stood out for me.

I actually first came across Ohne Titel in the LN-CC sale. I fell for a pair of trousers with clever cross knitted detailing and slanted side pockets. Unfortunately they did not fit, great for the bank account but rather upsetting for my wardrobe (sniff sniff). My lack of purchase did not however deter me from researching more into this brand, as I was really impressed with the quality and quirky cut of their items.

Visualising riffling through my jam-packed wardrobe, I realise I have a bit of a penchant for unusual trousers....I have a few pairs that really are rather mad (and only wear them on days when I'm feeling a little more confident, but secretly hoping no one will see me on the street!) Most recently I bought a pair from the Fat Faced Cat in Angel (more on this gem later). I guess the best way to describe them is joseph and his technicolour summer trousers! They are cropped, sort of knitted, and ridiculously colourful! Love them!
Aaaaanyway I'm getting distracted with thoughts of how to wear these new trousers, and drifting away from Ohne Titel. It is linked in the fact that their AW12/13 collection was full of abstract knits. I absolutely love the first look from the catwalk and I really hope LN-CC will be stocking more of this brand next season.

The show started with bold monochrome knitted skirts and jackets, then moved on to incorporate navy leather and black fur tailored pieces, concluding with 3 great and very wearable dresses. In each look I can spot a piece that I could see myself in, which is pretty rare with most collections!
This NY pair have created, in my opinion, a pretty effortlessly cool collection for next Autumn/Winter. Alexa's work experience with Helmut Lang is evident in the cut of the jackets which are bound to be a great fit for all shapes. I'm loving the clash of a touch of fur and leather with the knits. It's adds a huge variety of texture to their prints but in a restricted dosage. Definitely a brand and style to keep in mind for next season.