Friday, 2 March 2012

Mellow Yellow - Quite Rightly!!

Today is Marie Curie Cancer Care day.

This means it is time to dig out the yellow people!
I am sporting my VERY vibrant Cos jumper at work today. It is sooooo yellow that apparently it makes up for the other people in the office who failed the challenge this morning!!

According to the majority of people at my work, they don't own a single item of yellow clothing in their wardrobe...shocking!! Ok so I can understand it doesn't suit eeeveryone, but why not give it a go! Yellow was a pretty predominant colour for last season and a more pastel tone will be seen in stores for Spring/Summer. So step away from the black and bring out the brights!

Aaaanyway enough about the clothing, what's more important is that we are wearing it for a good cause. If you haven't got your yellow on, at least donate some money to the charity and sport a little yellow daffodil.

Don't be afraid of the yellow, wear it with pride!!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Bec, I am regularly following your blog. I am prejudiced of course but - I find it most interesting and creative.
    You have missed your calling (so far - but no doubt not for much longer ! ) - you should be a journalist. And a fashion journalist at that !
    From the man at Newbold Pacey.