Thursday, 1 March 2012

A Fond Farewell with a Warm Welcome Back!

So as you might have heard, there was a pretty huge announcement from the catwalk in Milan.
By far and away one of my favourite designers is leaving one of my favourite fashion labels.
Talk about double whammy!
The sad, although expected, news comes from Jil Sander as it was confirmed that Raf Simons is leaving. However don't join in me in my wallowing for too long, as he will be joining either Dior (most likely) or YSL. PLUS.....Jil Sander is coming back!!! Amazing news and I think incredibly wise.

I am really hoping there isn't a serious switch around in the designs of their clothing. I am sure the quality will remain but it is only in the recent few years that I have become a huge admirer of Jil Sander as a brand, and this has been down to the genius that is Raf Simons. Not only have I admired his work at Jil Sander but also his menswear collections. From selling the clothing at the Bluebird, I have witnessed his attention to detail and impeccable quality and cut of his clothing. He uses extremely clean and minimal lines when it comes to key pieces. Think back to his sell-out, over-sized, structured, silk skirts from Spring/Summer 11.
Simple but breath-taking. I can only hope he takes this quality with him onto his next venture, it makes him the stand-out designer he is today.

It is very sad to see him go, and by the incredibly rare standing ovation he received in his final show, it is clear to see this feeling is widespread. Saying this, it is also very exciting to hear the return of the woman herself. The german designer has been away from her fashion home for a while now, and I think it is a great decision that she has not been replaced with someone else and is coming back. Taken from a quote from a recent article in the Telegraph: "At the moment, there seems to be a craving for authenticity and clear visions. I am confident that this is the time for modern sophistication, for attractive, wearable fashion which is true to the new century." I really hope she comes back with a bang and sticks by her word on this.

Out with the old and in with the new, as they say. Or maybe it should be "out with old and back in with the old"...?! Ah well whatever it is, it's exciting!!!

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