Friday, 24 February 2012

I-Spy Fashion Friday

A few things to keep on the wish list for this weekend....

1. Yarnz scarf - How cool is this print?! I need this!! Bill Cunningham...legend.
2. Cos green shirt - LOVE this colour, everywhere for SS12.
3. Azzedine Alaia Dress - Oh the cut...swoon...
4. Charles Anastase shirt - Now that is a cute shirt. Perfect with cropped trousers and converse for a preppy spring look!
5. JW Anderson blue neoprene skirt - GREAT colour!!
6. Miu Miu velvet clutch - N.B i am obsessed with red accessories and this is too amazing. Something so vintage about it.
7. Nicholas Kirkwood wedge heels - Would love to be wearing these out this weekend. Spring is in the air and this monochrome print says it all!

Shaken AND Stirred!!

Soooo just between my further delayed NYFW reviews (apologies)...I thought I would add a bit of music for the weekend.

Tonight I missed out on tickets to see a new band which I am really excited about! What's more exciting is that I haven't completely missed out as they are fortunately returning in May, and the tickets are booked!!
I found Alabama Shakesa couple of weeks ago, on a late night YouTube music rummage! As soon as I heard the lead singer, Brittany Powers, start to rumble away, I knew I was going to like what I was about to hear. After watching a few YouTube videos, I was hooked and couldn't stop listening.
If you are a fan of soulful rock 'n' roll, you will definitely be a fan of theirs! However it is not only restricted to this as their music is definitely infused with a touch of country and blues.
Brittany's gritty, energetic and incredibly powerful voice is extremely hard to turn your ears away from.
I am really looking forward to their upcoming album, Boys and Girls (due out in April). Although not that new in America, they have been creating more of a stir out there recently. I am pretty sure they will be welcomed with open arms to the UK music scene. If you are off to the Boston Arms tonight, enjoy!!

Shake up your Friday and have a listen to this.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

In A New York Minute...Or Ten...! (Part One)

Well it's all been a bit manic in the fashion world in the last few weeks and it's only going to continue for the next couple or so as Milan and Paris are just around the corner!

I thought I would try and give you my belated NYFW round up, but in two parts. Little bit tricky when there is soooo much to talk about but I will try and keep it as short and sweet as possible! to do this, where to start?! There are just too many great shows to talk about!
There are my usual favourites who did NOT disappoint by any means; Proenza Schouler, Helmut Lang, 3.1 Philip Lim, Oscar De La Renta, Marchesa, Rag and Bone, Doo Ri, Thom Browne and Alexander Wang (to be discussed in Part Two!)

Then there were the exciting new-comers such as Creatures of the Wind. Fellow bloggers went blog crazzzy over this new brand and when you look carefully through the catwalk show, you can see why. In my opinion it was a pretty playful collection but with a suave and edgy, country-like, tailored twist! Although on first glance you might be wary of its' avant-garde qualities, at a closer look it is a collection that is definitely wearable. They may not be 'safe' options in your wardrobe (i.e check out the red and black PVC dress!!) but they will definitely be fun and inspiring pieces to perk up those lacklustre wintery days!
My favourite pieces from the show had to be the cropped mint green (yes mint green is still around!) wide-legged trousers, the striped mohair jumpers and the incredible tailored jackets!
This creative Canadian duo bought something clever and diverse to New York Fashion week. It is a label that we should definitely keep our eyes on and I look forward to seeing their next deliveries at Dover Street!

(photos from

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

All Hail The Stylists!

So on my day off, yesterday, I popped down to Somerset House to check out the fashion week scene (more on that soon...). I decided to dress myself up (a bit), as not only did I plan on heading down there, I also had another appointment in my diary.

Last night the Darkroom was holding yet another great event, the launch of Katie Baron's debut book "Stylists".

Due to my previously expressed admiration of this store, I decided it was definitely worth taking myself, my sore feet and sky-high Skovgaards (N.B my fav shoe designer), down to Russell Square for 8pm.
When I arrived on Lamb's Conduit Street, it was extremely pleasing to see such a good turn out. So with my camera in hand and bag full of free fashion week magazines weighing down my shoulders, I just managed to squeeze my way through to the pink champagne gaining a chance to browse through the book of the evening.
I have to say the book is visual beautiful and with Katie's extensive portfolio of experience, it makes a fascinating read. The book is exactly what it says on the tin; an eye-pleasing coffee-table book with stunning imagery of catwalk shows, commercial advertising campaigns and editorial shots from well-known, or as Katie discusses, previously not so well-known, fashion stylists.
Sometimes I think it is easy for people to forget just HOW important stylists are in this industry. When flicking through the pages of a chunky fashion magazine, quite often it is only the individual pieces that get taken notice of and admired. However it really is mostly down to the stylists (together with their collaboration with the photographers/directors) who make the adverts and photoshoots, what they are. Pulling together looks and stories for the likes of Vogue, I-D, Purple and Love magazine, needs incredibly creative and talented individuals. The result of their work ending in often completely ground-breaking images.
The book contains interviews with some of the industries key stylists including some of my own favourites; Nicola Formechetti, Tabitha Simmons and the undisputed legend, Anna Dello Russo.

If you are in need of a fashion fix then go buy yourself the book, a nice bottle of wine and sit and admire these artists' incredible work. 

The author, Katie Baron (nice Acne dress!)

Inside the Darkroom.

Outside. Go and visit!

(Photos are my own.)

Sunday, 19 February 2012

My Oh My, Marni!

I have to confess, I don't normally get that excited about high street x high end collarborations....HOWEVER, as many of you know, the next up and coming collaboration with H&M is Marni.
I am not going to lie, I am VERY excited!!

I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE Marni fan. FACT.
For me Marni is a brand that you know IS Marni as soon as you see it. Whether it be the leather, the wedged shoe, the print, the over-sized shift dress, the studded accessory...Marni's designs are endemic in the industry. There are a few brands who are able to continuously provide season after season of strong designs whilst still remaining true to their original style and cut of clothing, however Marni is definitely still ingrained in this category. Marni does not appeal to everyone, however there is no-one else in the market like them which is what makes them so special and unique. The qualities I speak about are something I always look for in a brand, their pieces stand out in all aspects including design and quality. Even if I cannot personally afford 90% of the collections(!), I still hold them as one of my favourite designers and will continue to admire them.

I was quite surprised when I heard, a while back, that Marni had confirmed their collaboration with H&M. I was rather nervous to see the outcome to be honest. The photos have finally been released and I am impressed. I might not be outside the store at 3am on the morning of the launch (March 8th)...but I definitely aim to purchase a piece or two.

Marni is the epitome of 'innovative' and still remains a true classic, which has been cleverly mirrored in the designs for H&M. I hope everyone else will appreciate their designs for what they are, as much as I do(!), and hopefully draw in more avid admirers!
(N.B Not just for woman by the way!! Marni for men is just as amazing!!)

Consuelo Castiglioni...I salute you!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Be still my beating heart....



.....oh Thom Browne, will you be my 'fashion' valentine??

(Thom Browne AW 12/13)

A man who KNOWS how to push boundaries!! 

I 'Heart' It!

(not a fan myself...but everyone deserves a heart!)

The following print is from an exciting artist, who I very fortunately came across and have been in contact with recently.

The artist, Linda Zacks, resides in the ever so cool Brooklyn, NY. Her work focuses on a blend of colourful illustration and graphics with great prints depicting the 'darker side' of New York City! She has been commissioned for some incredible projects, including work for the likes of Sony, Target and various magazines. Hopefully we will be seeing her work on this side of the water in the not too distant future! (Will keep you posted!)

Hope you have a good day!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Personal iD!

Soooo I know this isn't anything new....but I finally decided to book an appointment with Nike iD and I thought I might as well divulge you in my experience!

I am personally not a huge trainers fan (apart from my beloved Converse X Comme Play that have been in the Thames and back...) however after having a lot of fun at home, expressing some creativity (i.e messing about with colours...) on their website, I decided why not?!
I was going to just buy them straight off the internet, however after reading a couple of articles I found the general consensus was to go into the store itself. So I called up at the beginning of last week to find out a bit more information and they told me I could come in when I like or book an appointment, and it should take about 30/40mins. Great!
I managed to drag myself away from sofa at the weekend to go and check it out. I have to say if you are thinking about doing this, definitely go into the store. It means you have the full experience and some of the colour swatches/schemes are COMPLETELY different to what they look like on your computer screens.
Something I realised from my Nike iD experience is that either I could potentially be a great shoe designer OR a complete and utter disaster at it...This being because I took over 1.5 hours, 3 x the suggested time slot!! Ooooops! I had every style of trainer and every colour/material swatch possible, laid out on the desk in front of me. I sort of blame it on my innate indecisiveness...but also just because there were sooo many options!
Do I go for cord, denim, suede, leather, dunk, air max, high, low, bright and crazy or safe and neutral colours...?!

I had SUCH a laugh with the, incredibly friendly and obviously patient, staff. We sat there at the computer and played away with all sorts of options. I thought I had FINALLY decided on the design of my 'Premium High-top Dunk' when I walked past the mirror and saw I had missed a design!! What had caught the corner or my creative eye, was actually a men's shoe. It was a vintage inspired colour palette on the Cortez. The colours were great and if I had been half a size bigger (this specific version not available to women) I would have bought them straight away.
Soooo it was back to the drawing board and we came up with a Cortez shoe that looked as close as possible, but with my own twist. It is an insanely comfortable shoe and definitely suits me more than the others, possessing a slightly more feminine, lighter and sleeker 80's feel. Dark blue suede (resisted the polkadots!), black leather swoosh, light blue lining, logo, laces...and I'm done! Phew!
I think they were glad to get rid of me after the whole designing debacle! The shoe will take around 5 weeks to arrive (a rather long time for a girl to wait for a pair of shoes, I know!) I am already excited though, and they were too! I have to say, looking at my personalised iD card, it really doesn't look like I spent that amount of time designing it! However as they say, it is completely your design, your inspiration and your shoe. Completely 100% unique.
You want, especially for the first time, a shoe that you will wear and be happy with.
(N.B If you are not completely happy you are actually allowed to send them back and start again. A great service, although should not really be available to people like me!!)

Exciting thought to think that someone somewhere is assembling my new pair of shoes and literally stamping my 'R-EBL' logo on it! I know it's no Christian Louboutin extravaganza...but I like them and hopefully they come out well. PLUS maybe it will start, probably to much future annoyance of the staff, a new addiction!!

Nike personalised trainers...Just Do It! (Sorry I had to get it in there somewhere!)

Fashion Week Mayhem!!

New York Fashion Week is in FULL swing.
I hope you have been keeping up to date with the shows! Very exciting stuff surfacing from the catwalks. Patent leather, Colourful furs, Red, Black, Slick, Powerful, Glamourous...its too much!!
Will be giving some of my own views v soon. Watch this space!

Friday, 10 February 2012

I-Spy Fashion Friday.

A few things for the weekend (mix and match, with some items from your own wardrobe, for some great outfit options!)...

  1. Moncler Jacket
  2. Acne Backpack (love this a bit too much...!)
  3. Acne T-shirt
  4. Ann Demeulemeester waistcoat (in the Feather's sale)
  5. Felder Felder leather skirt
  6. Carven jacket
  7. The Foundry sunglasses
  8. Margiela rings

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Missing out!!

So tonight I was supposed to be heading to a new concept store, I accidently came upon recently, known as the Darkroom.
N.B This is a GREAT place and definitely worthy of many a blog post!!!!!
Tonight was the launch/private view of Hannah Martin's Labour of Love window installation, which I was really looking forward to. Unfortunately I have been struck down with the dreaded cold that is doing the rounds, so couldn't make it. Useless!
I am a big admirer of Hannah Martin's jewellery collections, of which beautiful prints from her sketchbooks are being displayed, as part of the installation. It is really exciting to hear the she has branched out into leather goods, exclusively on pre-sale in the store tonight.
I will be heading to the Darkroom, ASAP, to check out the window display as it is only running until 15th February. I advise you do so too!
The Darkroom stock some great jewellery pieces from very exciting designers, a long with modern interior goods, fashion magazines, and accessories for both men and women (in particular the awesome handmade Marwood bowties!)

Definitely a store to put in your fashionary!!

Hannah Martin's Labour of Love

An example of one of her new exclusive leather goods. Nice!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

New Wave Photography!

Time to get cultural people!

Next Friday (17th February) is the preview night of the first exhibition, in the UK,
from United Creativity.
The exhibition promises some great work from young photographers based in Central and Eastern Europe.
If you can't make the opening night, definitely leave a space in your diary to drop in and check it out.
Not only is it an opportunity to check out some new talent, it is a chance to visit the truly fascinating, St.Pancras Church crypt!!

Diary...pen...17th February...Got it?! Good.

See you there!!!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

T by AW 2012

I am rather a big fan of Alexander Wang and I LOVE his T by Alexander Wang collection.

If you want to spend a bit more on staple t-shirts or a jersey maxi dress with a bit of an edge, then this is the brand to invest in. They are beautifully made and a great fit (NB Make sure you handwash!!). Each season there are the classic black, white and grey T's and the masculine, striped, fine knit jumpers. The pre-season collection is full of popping bright blue and yellow pieces; including more sporty hooded jumpers and pencil skirts. Have already been very tempted...!

Over the last few years the popularity of his collections have increased dramatically and I expect this will continue for quite sometime. I know I will be posting about them in the future for sure!
I mentioned before that I had ordered an item from LN-CC, however this (sadly) did not work out...and so I returned to the Wang sale and purchased another item. I'm 99% sure it will become part of my wardrobe, just waiting for it to arrive from!

Am already excited to see what's next to pop out of Alexander Wang's magic hat!
Check out his Spring 2012 T by AW video below!!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Get cosy!

This past week we have experienced some unexpected winter weather!
It was only a couple of weeks ago that I was discussing with my friends how we haven't had a proper winter and so haven't had the chance to REALLY wrap up!
HOWEVER as the snow is falling I think now is definitely the time to dig out those seriously chunky knits. Either it's your typical thick aran wool jumper, cheesy nordic christmas pullover or a ridiculously amazing Jil Sander cashmere sweater (the sweater of all sweaters I might add, thank you Raf Simons).
I know the SS12 clothes are taking over the stores at the moment but there are still sales going on and there are still some great knits floating about.
Some of the key winter jumpers/sweaters that really ticked the boxes for me came from...

Jil Sander... 

Jonathan Saunders....

and Alexander Wang

(I treated myself to the very cosy pink one on the right!)

Wear them with skinny black jeans, your heavy duty DMs, a bobble hat and you are set to hit the crazy wintery conditions!

Enjoy wrapping up!!!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Take note!

Whilst rifling through various different blogs a few weeks ago, I came across my ideal notebook. Go with me on this one....
If you are a fashion fan like myself, it is definitely something you should keep in your Proenza satchel or vintage backpack, to help you remember those random fashion ideas/prices/brands.
I am talking about the 'Fashionary'. It is a fab little notebook that has pages of information on sizing, care labels, shoe/hat/bag styles, pattern cutting, international fashion weeks, the list goes on!
Having worked in the fashion industry but never actually studying it at university....I am already finding it incredibly useful! It is really meant for sketching/designing however I am using it as my general fashion jotting pad.
I made a slight mistake in thinking you can't buy it over in the UK and so ordered it from Hong Kong...however this is untrue and it is available from a store (I am yet to check out) in Old Street, London! (

Go grab yourself one, in preparation for fashion week, and get scribbling those ideas!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Just before I go....Night x

Fingers Crossed!

Got a text from LN-CC to say my delivery should be arriving today (Friday)!!!
(N.B Rather impressive service in my opinion! Not many companies out there text you to get you excited about your deliveries! Will be talking about this store in more detail soon...)
My fingers are firmly crossed that my new purchase fit!
A bit of cobalt blue should (hopefully!) brighten up my winter wardrobe. Definitely a feature colour of the season just passed AND the exciting season coming up.
Will keep you posted on the verdict!
Signing out zzzzz

Bored this weekend??

Ever since I was about 5 years old I have had a HUGE passion for wildlife photography! I used to repeatedly sit for hours with my Dad turning pages of the same African wildlife book and would never get bored of it!!
My reason for telling you this is that last Friday I managed to get the final ticket to the late night opening of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition.
I have to say, even though a little cramped, it is DEFINITELY worth a visit. Some of the most incredible photography I have seen. Simply break-taking.
So take yourself off to the Natural History Museum and have a look around.
The exhibition finishes on March 11th, so not long left! There are no more late night openings I believe, so definitely use a freezing cold Saturday or Sunday afternoon to squeeze in and have a browse.
Two of my many fav pictures have to be Daniel Beltra's horrifying image of "Pelicans in Oil" and Cyril Ruoso's "Tiny Warm-Up."

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Happy Birthday!!

So today was my Mum's Birthday! I thought as my first proper post I might as well to use it to dedicate it to my Mum and also to say a VERY Happy Birthday!! 
I have to say my Mum is definitely someone who has developed her own style over the years. She has even worn things that even I thought were pretty daring! I am very lucky to have such supportive parents and I have to say she has definitely had an major influence on me in that she has always encouraged me to continuously develop my own style! So a BIG 'Thank You" and here's to my very stylish Mum! xxxxxxx