Thursday, 9 February 2012

Missing out!!

So tonight I was supposed to be heading to a new concept store, I accidently came upon recently, known as the Darkroom.
N.B This is a GREAT place and definitely worthy of many a blog post!!!!!
Tonight was the launch/private view of Hannah Martin's Labour of Love window installation, which I was really looking forward to. Unfortunately I have been struck down with the dreaded cold that is doing the rounds, so couldn't make it. Useless!
I am a big admirer of Hannah Martin's jewellery collections, of which beautiful prints from her sketchbooks are being displayed, as part of the installation. It is really exciting to hear the she has branched out into leather goods, exclusively on pre-sale in the store tonight.
I will be heading to the Darkroom, ASAP, to check out the window display as it is only running until 15th February. I advise you do so too!
The Darkroom stock some great jewellery pieces from very exciting designers, a long with modern interior goods, fashion magazines, and accessories for both men and women (in particular the awesome handmade Marwood bowties!)

Definitely a store to put in your fashionary!!

Hannah Martin's Labour of Love

An example of one of her new exclusive leather goods. Nice!

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  1. Hi Bec, I have been studying your blog site.
    I must say I found it superbly crafted. And with a good dollop of quirkiness ! Congratulations !
    Is there more to come on the London Fashion Week and Edward and Maria,s photo art exhibition ( you were official photographer !) ?
    Would you like to look at our website and offer your touch for a more cutting edge design ?
    Much love, Dad.