Tuesday, 21 February 2012

All Hail The Stylists!

So on my day off, yesterday, I popped down to Somerset House to check out the fashion week scene (more on that soon...). I decided to dress myself up (a bit), as not only did I plan on heading down there, I also had another appointment in my diary.

Last night the Darkroom was holding yet another great event, the launch of Katie Baron's debut book "Stylists".

Due to my previously expressed admiration of this store, I decided it was definitely worth taking myself, my sore feet and sky-high Skovgaards (N.B my fav shoe designer), down to Russell Square for 8pm.
When I arrived on Lamb's Conduit Street, it was extremely pleasing to see such a good turn out. So with my camera in hand and bag full of free fashion week magazines weighing down my shoulders, I just managed to squeeze my way through to the pink champagne gaining a chance to browse through the book of the evening.
I have to say the book is visual beautiful and with Katie's extensive portfolio of experience, it makes a fascinating read. The book is exactly what it says on the tin; an eye-pleasing coffee-table book with stunning imagery of catwalk shows, commercial advertising campaigns and editorial shots from well-known, or as Katie discusses, previously not so well-known, fashion stylists.
Sometimes I think it is easy for people to forget just HOW important stylists are in this industry. When flicking through the pages of a chunky fashion magazine, quite often it is only the individual pieces that get taken notice of and admired. However it really is mostly down to the stylists (together with their collaboration with the photographers/directors) who make the adverts and photoshoots, what they are. Pulling together looks and stories for the likes of Vogue, I-D, Purple and Love magazine, needs incredibly creative and talented individuals. The result of their work ending in often completely ground-breaking images.
The book contains interviews with some of the industries key stylists including some of my own favourites; Nicola Formechetti, Tabitha Simmons and the undisputed legend, Anna Dello Russo.

If you are in need of a fashion fix then go buy yourself the book, a nice bottle of wine and sit and admire these artists' incredible work. 

The author, Katie Baron (nice Acne dress!)

Inside the Darkroom.

Outside. Go and visit!

(Photos are my own.)

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