Friday, 22 June 2012


I've been looking for some new music recently and I always think it pretty rare when you find a new album that you can listen to all the way through and really enjoy at least 90% of it. Normally I just pick and choose a few singles from different albums but I have to say I am LOVING Alt-J's debut album.
I downloaded this Cambridge crew's new sound, yesterday, and I found it extremely difficult to press pause when I reached my front door at work this morning! It definitely calmed my rage about the bus strikes....!
I think I will let you make your own minds up about this new album. I don't want to tell you what I think it sounds like or what it reminds me of or even what sort of genre it fits into. I want it to be a surprise!
All I can say is that if you don't give the album a listen, you are missing out.

(If you really want to read a bit more about them before you listen, give this Guardian review a browse.)

Below is one of my favourite tracks, Taro. Not the official video obviously but I loved the track too much not to share it.

P.S Please play loud!!!

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