Friday, 22 June 2012

Check it out, Check it out!!


I know I am a bit behind with this, but after just catching up with my favourite fashion blogs, I came across something raaaather exciting on Disneyrollergirls page.


H&M have done it AGAIN with collaborating with one of the top 10 (well in my eyes) fashion houses. And what a fashion house it is.
This will undoubtedly be another huge success for H&M and I am so pleased they have spread their wings to an 'edgy'(don't really like to use the word but my brain is limited this morning!) designer.
The collection will comprise of Men's and Women's clothing, as well as accessories (fingers crossed for bags and jewellery!)
I cannot claim to own a lot of Margiela clothing, one because I would need to win the lottery for some of it and two I admit some of it just doesn't suit me. This however is definitely NOT to say that I don't constantly swoon over their collections, and I am pretty sure I will be purchasing at least one item when it arrives in store in the Winter.
Margiela knows how to break boundaries and not just with their clothing, but also with their homeware designs and advertising campaigns.
Check out the video and image below for an example of their genius branding.
Whether you like their designs or not, Margiela will remain as one of the 'greats'.

Never thought I would be saying this in June but....BRING ON NOVEMBER!!

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