Friday, 29 June 2012

Lang...the new Wang...?

So I've spoken before about my love of basic t-shirts (T By Alexander Wang).
I really do LOVE a simple, beautiful, plain t-shirt. This was confirmed recently when I was sorting out my wardrobe to find I own a ridiculous amount of white t-shirts!! Oops! Slight obsession me thinks...

A new diffusion line has recently landed in UK stores and I am really eager to go and check it out.
Helmut Lang's new line, simply labelled 'Helmut', is a cheaper range of his beautiful mainline staples.
Helmut Lang's mainline collection not only consists of stunning draped silk dresses but also of asymmetric t-shirts. These being repeated in various colours every season, without fail. Some may argue this is a lack of creativity, however I see it as intelligent branding and part of the identity of the label.
The superb quality and beautiful cut of the t-shirts is what draws loyal customers back each season to top up their wardrobes.
They may not provide the clean cut look of a classic Jil Sander however they give a perfect relaxed, comfortable feel which looks amazing with boyfriend jeans and Comme Play Converse, or with skinny leather trousers/jeans and a killer pair of Kirkwoods. It is exactly the sort of t-shirt you want in your wardrobe, that you can grab on an indecisive moment/in promptu night out, with the knowledge you will look half decent without much effort! You know we love the quick and easy look ladies!

I haven't purchased said simple t-shirts as they are preeetty pricey (looking at £100+)...gulp...but you can still catch some in the sales. This dilemma has also been made easier with this new diffusion line.
Although not a lot cheaper...they are worth it if you fancy a bit of a splurge on a decent piece of clothing.
There isn't a huge amount of Helmut in the UK stores at the moment (only seen it in Feathers and Start) however I had a notification today that it is heading to Matches very soon.

This is going to be a new competitor for some other diffusion lines and it definitely has potential to become my new...dare I say it.... T By Wang (sorry!) Really glad to see Helmut sticking to what they know best with this line and hopefully they will be adding to the collection with some classic Helmut Lang knits for Autumn Winter!

Keep your eyes peeled! Some examples below.


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