Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Metal On The Mind.

Recently I've been thinking it is time to update my wardrobe of jewellery. I love my jewellery, as many are aware (especially with my left arm adorned with a raaaather large selection of bracelets!) and I feel as Spring is (supposedly) in the air, I should have a Spring clean and get some new metal on/in/around my arms/ears/neck.
I am also considering a 9th ear piercing...hhmmm...yeah....I might as well! 

I am pretty fussy when it comes to jewellery and I know instantly when I see something, if I am going to get a decent amount of wear out if it.
I came across this jewellery brand, Jessie Harris, which immediately grabbed my attention. I really like the use of different metals by the designer. It is not a huge collection but it is cleverly put together and definitely appeals to my taste. Simple but unique. Pieces can be worn on their own or as shown in the lookbook, they look great layered up (very much the trend right now). Take a gander.
It is available to purchase on the website and also should be available at the Darkroom very soon.

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