Thursday, 23 May 2013

Comme and Get Some!!!

OOOOOOH I am mega excited to see some news shoes joining the Comme PLAY x Converse collection!!!

As I have stated in a previous post, I LOVE my comme play converse. I literally live in them. I have the sneaker versions in black AND cream. The cream ones are unfortunately on their way out but I am determined to wear them until their final day. They look great in the summer and when I fell in the Thames...they came out of the washing machine surprisingly well!

There is only one thing with the new collection....I don't know which ones to choose!! I am steering towards the cream leather with red hearts all over...but also love the white hearts on black hightops...Oh the choices!!

As far as I am aware these new additions will be available from June 1st in London. I WILL be there with bells on and probably my old converse, prepared to be replaced...! Elbows at the ready people, I think these will be popular!

Which ones do you like??

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