Thursday, 6 June 2013

Keeping it Simple

As I have previously mentioned on here, I have quite a selection of plain t-shirts!! They tend to be from the same brand, as once I find a great fit/design, I stick with it and buy in multiples (ok maybe not with the more expensive brands!) My favourite 'go to' brands for simple staple t-shirts are Gap, T by Alexander Wang, Cos and Helmut Lang.
On Sunday I think I found a new favourite!!

Before going to see Al Pacino at the Palladium (more on that v soon!) I dropped into Liberty. I haven't been in there for a while but every now and then I really enjoy having a stroll through the store. Not just the womenswear, jewellery or beauty departments, but the menswear too as I honestly believe they offer THE best selection in London. Seriously men, get in there!
I was nearly on my way out of the store, tearing myself away from an exclusive Kenzo jumper, when I spied a brand I hadn't heard of before, A.O.CMS.

I think what initially grabbed my attention was the packaging. The incredibly simple black and white writing, on the tiny white envelopes, is somewhat eye-catching and instantly looks good quality. I know I say I buy in multiples but when I say that I mean I buy them each season. For me "quality not quantity" definitely comes into mind when shopping for staple items. The design of a plain t-shirt is not as simple as expected and it is something more brands should spend more time over. Finding a perfectly fitted, decently priced t-shirt, crafted in beautiful cotton, is a rarity. So let me encourage you to check out this brand.

With the help of the lovely Liberty sales assistant, Nicola, I was introduced to this small collection from the Swedish brand. Currently exclusive to the store, there are only 6 designs available. Long sleeve, short sleeve, tank top, strap top, long fitted dress and briefs. All of which are available in grey, navy, white and black. More styles are available on their own website.

I honestly could have bought the whole collection. They are so incredibly comfortable and a great fit. The length of the t-shirt is perfect, for me anyway, as I really don't like them cut short. I came away with 3 pieces and would have potentially had a fourth had there been my size.

The collection has been kept to a minimum for a reason as they pride themselves on producing quality classic garments. It is clear they are not fond of mass producing items in a ridiculous amount of styles, and I applaud that. I will definitely be keeping my eye on this Swedish brand and I am sure their pieces will be filling up my wardrobe in no time!

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  1. ooh how lovely. Need to check out! I like Levis Vintage (LVC) pockets tees. They boys ones in a small are lovely and worn in and they bring them out every season. Whyyyyy did Gap stop making pocket tees? Naughty Gap! (Thank you for your Agi & Sam comment, what outfit did your friend wear?)

  2. yeah sorry this is a bit old! seriously need to get back into my blog!! definitely worth checking this brand out though, really nice. i agree about gap! there simple pocket tees were brilliant! my friend is in look No.4 and No.19 in the show. thought it was a great collection! ( thank u for commenting! :) )