Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Save Yourselves Men!

Ok, so this isn't exactly helpful to those living in the UK, or any girls reading this....but I have just seen this store featured on The Sartorialist's most recent post and I think their stuff looks great!!

Ah New York you really do have some great stores, and on top of that, some great menswear!
The faded colour palettes used in Save Khaki's products are beautifully fresh and this can also be seen with the interior design of their two stores in the Big Apple. I love the relaxed and homely, yet simple, feel the brand has and each piece of clothing looks like it has already had a decent amount of TLC.
No wonder it is a hit with Scott Schuman!

I'm always intrigued by different stores around the world, even if I can't personally access them right now. It is however a shame when you come across a store as good as this and it is a 7 hour flight away....! I WILL be making another trip to New York soon, I've made a promise to myself, and Save Khaki is one place that I will be visiting. Yes yes ok I'm a female but I still love to check these sort of places out and steal a bit of the inspiration!

Dear Men, 

If you are in New York, or planning on going, then please do rescue your wardrobes at Save Khaki! 

Best wishes, 

The Not-So Secret Admirer x

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